Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Sixeart...'Mutante con hijo en brazos

'....(Mutant with son in arms) (2007)

For my second Art Review, I chose the piece by Spanish artist Sixeart. Inspired by comic book graphics he takes childlike images and shapes that collaborates with psychedelic abstraction to create colourful, loud, intense works of art. Sixeart originally made a name for himself through his graffiti art but has since moved onto canvases, sculptures and screen prints.

I chose this piece because I absolutely adore colour. To me that is what always makes the piece. I prefer bright colours as they seem more appealing, open and friendly. Obviously I can appreciate that certain paintings require the use of darker hues to portray possibly deep or morbid visions but what catches my eye is always the brighter, adventurous paintings that scream from the other side of the room.
This piece specifically ticks all the boxes. I think the composition works really well as I like how it's all quite symmetrical. Abstract art is my favourite, but I also like order and structure in the pieces otherwise it can get too carried away. In this piece, the symmetrical side of it allows for the colourful shapes and lines to click together, almost like a puzzle. It makes the explosion of colour seem in control without ruining the crazy personality of it. I think that by adding the straight, thin, lines in the middle of the painting and in the green creatures face, allows there to be an added dimension. It feels like it brings the art together as it helps to keep your eyes focused and guides your attention to the middle of the painting. 
   Maybe I've been too brainwashed by Picasso, (yes he's my favourite artist, and we share the same birthday!).... but I really like colourful shapes to be outlined in black. It projects the colour more and signifies where each shape ends so the next can begin. I think if this piece wasn't outlined, then the colours would all mesh into one another and I don't think it would therefore have the same effect. 

  In my opinion, the most important thing about art is how it makes you feel and what you take from it. That's why it's so subjective. When I look at 'Mutante con hijo en brazos' it just makes me feel really calm and happy. I know it may seem odd that something with so much going on can make someone feel really at peace, but I'm just one of those people that doesn't get phased by so much eye activity. My sister often wonders how I don't get a headache from my room... yes it's as colourful as the painting above. Regardless, like I mentioned with all the colour formed into structured content, it allows for the mind not to be distracted. Instead, you can enjoy it for what it is and how it can just brighten your mind and make you feel good. 
  I think Sixearts work is truly beautiful and fun. It's definitely worth checking out his other stuff as every piece is so different yet so asthetically pleasing all the same.

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