Thursday, 19 February 2009

Surfing the World Wide Web....

Everyone knows that there are those moments when we should be doing something relatively important, but to no apparent reason, procrastination kicks in. We open the laptop or turn on the computer and spend hours just clicking on anything and everything. To girls, I'm sure the run of the gossip mills such as are one of the first stops on this mindless journey, but I assure you, there are some better gems out there but are begging to be part of your search engine extravaganza. 

In no apparaent order:

1) - I was introduced to the post secret world whilst in my
foundation course last year and have since become a fan of this cult. It was started by artist 
Frank Warren back in Novemeber 2004 as a community art project. He hid postcards amongst public places asking strangers to jot down their deepest secrets anonymouly and to then mail them to Warren. The feedback was huge, with powerful, meaningful and highly 
amusing responses. Even when Warren stopped handing out postcards, he still recievesthousands every month. He has published books with the postcards, but for those on the run.... allows you to get your daily fix of this awesome movement that will leave you moved and relating to strangers in a way you never thought possible.  

2) - I've written a piece on the Spanish artist Sixeart for my blog, and for those that also find the art cool and exctiting, his official website 
is one that should definitely be checked out. Keep in mind the site is in Spanish, but I speak like 3 words of the language and managed to navigate my way round it relatively easily. There are tons of examples of his work and i'm sure you will not be disapoointed by the array of bold colours that are a sure treat for the eyes.

3) - This website is like the Youtube of comedy. It has videos that have been uploaded and are packed with spoofs such as Contestants for Miss.March, a Snack Commercial, and my favourite... a video called 'Love Game' which looks at a woman trying to find her lover, through a series of Mario-Nintendo like events. It's an easy site to pass the time, and anything that adds in a couple of laughs can't be too bad either.

4) - Empire Magazine has to be one of my favourite magazines, and it's just as good online. For all the kids that are just as obsessed with Movies and Movie news alike, will find this site the Willy Wonka's of chocolate land. There's news, blogs, reviews, features, interviews, competitions and forums on all the movie buzz you could ever want. If you want to know anything on upcoming movies and their actors, this is the place to find it.

5) - This is the site that contains the funniest and most clever animation that I think I may have seen. It shows an animator battling against his own created animation. It's based on the computer screen and watches the animator (who poses as the computers cursor) and the little stickman interacting with the well known computer links such as file... and much
 more. It's a really unique animation and truly original. It's definitely worth at least seeing once... but once you do see it, you'll be showing it to everyone else you know.

6) - This site was recommend by my friend when I was really  bored one day. It's so silly and pointless... but hey at least it's aware of that, hence it's domain name. It contains links that reveal the most pointless sites you'll ever come across. Some are funny, some you may consider a waste of time, but despite how ridiculous they may be... you'll be amazed at how much time on their hands some people have, and you may even join their club, as you waste your time on this comical site. 

7) - If I hadn't pursued Animation, I would have loved to study Astronomy. I think there is nothing as interesting as learning about outer space, the stars, and the neighbouring galaxies. Maybe it's my weird geeky thing, but give me a telescope... and a Starbucks, and I'm sold. This site features a new photo
everyday that a professional Astronomer has captured, along with a brief explanation of what it is. It's really very interesting and the images are unbelievable and so cool. It's amazing to think how much there is outside our own planet and how beautiful it is too. It's also quite remarkable how far modern technology has come, so that we can obtain these pictures and marvel at how lucky we are to see these creations that humans had never thought possible before. 

8) - For anyone that doesn't know, I'm completely obsessed with comic books. I like a few of the DC, but my favourite collection has to be from Marvel. It's the home of my best hero, Spiderman and many others that now due to it's movie phenomena, has become well known to any fellow movie goer. The site is a real treat, as not only does it have all the news and information that you could ever possibly want from each superhero, it also has character biographies to give you all the down lows, blogs from other comic fans, an array of digital comics and much more. It's fun to just poke around while you're surfing the net and catch up on your daily comic buzz.

9) I love taking photos of nature and scenic surroundings, and love to go on this site whenever I can to look at some really good photography. It's also interesting to see what other people like to capture because it shows how we all focus on different things and how we all see the world differently too. Some photos are incredibly touching, as there is one taken of a monkey trapped inside a cage, whilst others are breathtakingly beautiful with places you may never travel to in your lifetime. There's also photography tips and Q+A's offering you the best advice it can for all your photography queries.

10) - I think poetry can be a really cool thing. Sometimes by reading one you find something in it that no-one else will, something that you can relate personally too. Other times you'll read something and not know what on earth it's referring too, in which case it makes you think about what the poem is trying to express... maybe something that you're ignorant to or something that you've never thought about. Either way, this site features so many wonderful poems by poets that you may or may not recognize. There's a really beautiful one by E.E.Cummings, called ' I carry your heart with me', which I recommend for reading, but with so many different poem,s, you're sure to find your own favourite.  

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